Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ganzi to Palyul

Nomad tent and yaks

Grazing horses

K taking a hit of oxygen going over a high pass

Small village

One of the many archways decorated with flowers and greenery and the Yangsi's picture that we drove through en route to Palyul. These were erected by the small villages nearby (starting three hrs away), in order to welcome the Yangsi when he would drive by on the day of his arrival at Palyul.

Sweet bathroom at the site of road construction (when you are stuck waiting for two hours, you will definitely have to pee. How 'bout in a bathroom that is a hole in the floor which shoots directly into the  river?).

Palyul--At Long Last!

Zangdopalri towering over the monastery.

Small houses scattered throughout the monastery complex.

HH Karma Kuchen Rinpoche!

Penor Yangsi's Arrival Day!

Into Tibet (Kangding to Ganzi)

About two hours out of Kangding, by the airport.

K lounging in the back of the van.

OM MANI PEMA HUNG HRI on the hillside behind a house.

More hillside mantras!

More prayer flags!

The brothers Lam!

Breakfast at the Khampa Cafe and Arts Center in Tagong.

Yangsi's Procession

Kangding--Traditionally the Border Between China and Tibet

River rushing through the center of town.

View of a monastery from Malaya Restaurant.

Cool looking tiny corner store.

Fancy teapots and teapot warmers for sale.

Sichuan hotpot!

K after the burn.

Nightly dancing in the town square.

Chinese peaches for sale on the street.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Rest Stop on the Rooftop of the World

View from the roadside shop.
Eating fresh dri yogurt on the rooftop of the world...
 Tent convenient store at the top of a pass...(that's our driver taking a quick nap on the bed!).
Best view from a rest stop, ever!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Only in Bhutan

                                                will i ride in an ambulance to the airport

                on the way, stop at thangtong gyalpo's monastery outside paro, next to the highway
            follow keith across a bridge made of the original iron chains forged by thangtong gyalpo

hike a short path up to the monastery, only to be greeted by a vicious snarling teeth baring dog at the top

luckily, the ambulance driver accompanies us, fending the insane dog off with a small branch torn from a bush. the caretaker of the monastery opens a giant wooden door and leads us inside to the shrine room, then up two flights of seemingly ancient wooden ladder type stairs, up to yet another shrine room whereupon we are blessed with thangtong gyalpo's wish fulfilling walking stick. back outside, the caretaker's wife gives us tiny oranges from the tree in the courtyard. where else but in bhutan could all this happen on the way to the airport!?